Advantages of Plasma Cutting

Advantages of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has few benefits, which makes it an attractive application in several industries. This basically saves people the time and energy in doing any work that relates to cutting metals.

Benefits In using a plasma cutter

Plasma cutting has lots of advantages, which has actually made it an attractive application in many different industries. This cutting procedure utilizes a gas jet, charged at excellent speeds to cut metal up to 6 inches thick at extremely heats.

The benefits of robotic plasma cutting are numerous:

  1. Cutting Speed– Robotic plasma cutters are 5 times faster than standard, manual torches, and are able to cut up to 500 inches per minute.
  2. Ease of Use– Robotic plasma cutters need minimal training, making them user-friendly.
  3. Security– This cutting application uses gas that is not highly combustible, eliminating a few of the safety threats with gas cutting treatments.
  4. Cost-effective– Plasma cutting is a cost-effective application– it is less costly than laser or water-jet cutting.

In addition, plasma cutting will also…


Increased Cutting Speeds

Plasma cutting, when utilized on metal up to 2″ thick, is capable of speeds two times as fast as cutting by synfuel. The thinner the metal the better the speed advantages. Thinner metals enable cutting speeds that are up to 12+ times faster than synfuel. Cutting more parts in less time equates directly to enhanced operations and increased performance.

Lessened Dross

If cuts are made utilizing Synfuel, consolidated dross (oxide slag) is created by the chemical reactions in between the steel and oxygen. In contrast, high definition plasma cutting utilizes electrically charged high-temp gas which melts metal and blows the molten metal away from the cut.

Expanded Flexibility

Austgen plasma cutters uses an electrical arc procedure capable of cutting any electrically conductive product. Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and all non-ferrous products are included in this list. Because of this, plasma can cut a stack of several plates with ease. You can’t do this with synfuel.

Starting the Cutting Process

Not all systems work the same way. There is a typically lower-budget variation called high-frequency contact. Due to the fact that the high frequency can interfere with modern devices and trigger problems, this is not available for CNC plasma cutters.

This technique utilizes a high voltage and high-frequency trigger. When the plasma torch touches the metal, the development of the trigger takes place. This closes the circuit and creates the trigger which, in turn, creates plasma

Practical Tips in Using a Plasma Cutter Gun

Plasma cutters are so convenient! It makes you take your new plasma cutter out of the package and use it as soon as you get home from the shop. However, there are a few practices that can increase the effectiveness of this machine. To enhance your cut quality and lengthen the life of your equipment, you must try to:

  1. Read the owner’s manual to acquaint yourself with the right and safe operation of your specific plasma cutter. This will assist you to optimize your plasma cutter’s abilities.
  2. Make a sample cut on the exact same kind of material you will be working on. This is to guarantee that you’re utilizing the ideal settings and take a trip speed.
  3. Correct operation of plasma arc cutting devices can save numerous hours and reduce expenditures. Correct operation can also lead to excellent cut quality and longer parts life.
How Much Can I Pay for A Good Plasma Cutter?

Here are the Top 5 Most Preferred Plasma Cutters!

  1. SUNGOLDPOWER50A – easiest to use; budget-friendly to shoppers
  2. Lotos LT5000D – easy to set up, can cut through any metal easily
  3. Hobart Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter – Best for Home Use
  4. SUPER DEAL CUT 50 Plasma Cutter – Best Value
  5. PrimeWeld Ct520d Budget Plasma-Cutter – multipurpose machine