Different Carpet Cleaning Methods Professionals Use

Carpet cleaning is often performed to clean up spills, stains, and allergens in carpets. Common methods of cleaning include dry-cleansing, steam-clean, hot water extraction, and vacuum cleaning. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and is best applied to different types of carpets with varying degrees of cleanliness. There are also other techniques that are used to clean carpets as well. In general, carpet cleaning can be divided into three broad categories:

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Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuum cleaning removes loose dirt and dust from carpets using powerful suction. There are two main types of vacuums: upright and recessed. Upright models are designed for a more thorough cleaning than the recessed kind, while recessed vacuums are designed for use in high traffic areas. Recessed vacuums generally have longer hose lengths and higher suction pressures than upright ones. Although most vacuums have suction power similar to a vacuum cleaner suction power varies from model to model.

Hot Water Extractor: Hot water extraction is used to remove soil and dust from carpets with lower levels of moisture. Hot water extraction can be done by placing hot water in a container, putting a damp cloth in the container, covering the cloth with plastic wrap, then heating the cloth until it turns red hot.