How to find a good childcare?

It has become common for parents to use a babysitting agency when they are looking for babysitters. The truth is that this is not always the best way to hire a babysitter. While there may be some advantages to using one of these agencies, there are also some risks. Read more

24-hour-kindergarden: the future of childcare?

It is important to understand that you should always check with your state’s Department of Licensing or Agency for Public Health before you use any childcare agency. You will want to find out if their licensing requirements meet your needs. If you don’t have any issues with licensing, then you can use an agency and save a few bucks. If however, you have any concerns, then you will want to go ahead and choose a more traditional babysitter.

Many agencies charge a fee up front. You may even have to pay a registration fee, which can be quite high. When dealing with childcare agencies, it is a good idea to look into what all the fees include, so that you know you are getting everything. Some agencies only charge a one time fee and will require that you re-register the same day. There are others that require you to pay on a monthly basis.