Varieties Of Cosmetic Tattoos


On the off chance that a genie was standing before you and said it would allow you one wish, you’d probs request something, similar to, the capacity to time-travel or teleport. Me? I’m requesting to get up in the first part of the day with a full face beat that requires totally zero exertion. I know, it seems like a joke, however, I’m really soooo serious. Would you be able to envision awakening, not doing your cosmetics, and rolling out the entryway? Welp, fortunately for me, this wish is a serene reality now—everything necessary is some lasting cosmetics.

So, before getting your eyebrows done in St Kilda, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of cosmetic tattoos: 

cosmetic tattoo

Traditional Coil Tattoo Machine 

This famous “traditional” tattoo device utilizes electromagnetic coils to rapidly move a barred needle grouping up and down. Designed more for body tattoos than permanent cosmetics application, the outcomes are acceptable, however may not last as long as other methodologies. 


Microblading, the most well-known type of permanent cosmetics, is an extravagant name for an eyebrow tattoo. Rather than the incredibly dark eyebrows you may have seen on individuals from the Silent Generation, the cutting edge strategy mimics singular hair strokes for a natural look. Cosmetic tattoo specialists utilize a super-fine pen to deposit pigment legitimately under the skin. You may likewise hear names like brow feathering or microshading. Individuals will guarantee various techniques for marketing purposes. Different strategies actually fall under the umbrella of natural-looking hair strokes, and the significant part is to study examples of your artist’s work and ensure you’re a fan before booking an appointment. 

On the off chance that filling in your brows is a critical piece of your beauty schedule, you should investigate microblading. Surprisingly, the strategy is dermatologist-approved. I think it is an ideal treatment for the rebuilding of the eyebrows. There’s one significant advantage in completing your work at a dermatologist’s office: They can be ready for the unexpected difficulties and act or respond in like manner. 

Regardless of whether you decide to go with a cosmetic tattoo artist without a clinical degree, converse with your dermatologist to ensure your skin is agreeable to a tattoo. Some artists dismiss expected customers with oily skin or enormous pores. Microblading only looks extraordinary when you can accomplish fine details. Individuals with oily skin won’t heal with the crisp strokes you need to accomplish a natural look. 

Permanent Lip Liner Or Lipstick 

This is one of the most mainstream types of permanent cosmetics. Utilizing a natural-looking shade of pink, peach, or raspberry (contingent upon the regular shade of your lips), the artist fills in the outer edge of the lip line. This will ordinarily take around 60 minutes. 

You can likewise complete a full lipstick tattoo. This can take as long as 3 hours and should be possible in any shade, including red. 

Perpetual lipstick or lip liner can make the lips look more full and more equally hued, and can likewise fix an asymmetrical lip line. Thinking about the evolving trends, it is smarter to decide on a natural “my lips yet better” sort of shading. 


In case you’re worn out on spending a large portion of your check on items that you feel meh about and you need a genuine “I woke up this way” look, permanent cosmetics is certainly the move.