What Makes Wood Fired Pizza Taste So Good?

Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Wood-fired ovens bake at very high temperatures, resulting in quick cooking time. This is far from the only benefit of these high-temperature levels of wood-fired pizza ovens. The existing offered by the smoke from the wood leads to a steady air current that ensures even cooking, together with the good distinct smoky flavour.

The high heat also causes a much better crust. The heat that reflects off of the walls of the oven makes the crust completely crispy however seals in wetness, keeping it soft on the inside, causing the ideal crust. The high heat also results in crispier toppings, without burning them or making them soggy or doing not have colour. At Smokin-Oak Wood-Fired Pizza we pride ourselves in the skill and training that goes into making an ideal wood-fired pizza. It’s an artisan-style of cooking, which is why each and every employee using one of our wood-fired ovens goes through intensive training. We want to ensure every customer gets a perfectly prepared pizza whenever. And to Create authentic Italian pizza, click this and find out here.

How Is Wood Fired Pizza Different?

A wood-fired pizza will typically have some “best imperfections”. This special texture is as soon as again thanks to the high heat: in a more traditional oven which can only reach about 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the crust will need more time to cook and will end up being more thick and dry.

Wood Fired Pizza: Tasting Notes

Because the pizza cooks extremely rapidly in a wood-fired oven, it has the result of imparting a delightful contrast on the finished pie. The bottom of the crust will prepare extremely rapidly, giving it a pleasing charred flavour on the edges that makes it taste simply a little smoky, in a good way.

The hot oven will likewise prepare the toppings and cheeses really rapidly, which allows them to retain freshness rather than being charred and dried to a crisp in a slower cooking oven. The toppings remain nicely textured; the cheese is melted and bubbling, and the crust has the perfect mix of chewy on leading and crispy on the bottom.

Wood-fired pizza is much better and irresistibly delicious because of a wood-fired oven. Here’s why:

Cooks At An Even Temperature Level

Italian pizza’s taste and texture suit everyone’s taste since it is evenly cooked. The equivalent distribution of heat works marvels, making every pizza piece prepared to excellence. Keeping the right temperature is the key to develop the ideal environment for cooking a good pizza.

Considering that brick ovens soak up more heat than regular ovens, it forms a balance of making crispier garnishes yet fluffier and softer crust.

Boosts The Food’s Tastes

There are lots of advantages to cooking in a wood-fired oven. One of which is flavour. You’d certainly feel the considerable difference in the taste if you’ve attempted eating a wood-fired pizza. The rich smoky flavour is achieved by using various kinds of wood for the fire. In a wood-fired pizza, different types of wood develop uniqueness in every bite.

To compare it to deep-dish pizzas, wood-fired pizzas provide a distinct flavour that is difficult to duplicate in traditional ovens.

Retains Freshness And Quality

What is the perfect Italian pizza in Melbourne? The wood-fired pizza cooked through this method is a pleasure to taste since of its interesting contrast.

The temperature of the oven helps the pizza to not just achieve the ideal texture but likewise keep the quality of the flavour and ingredients. Whenever the ideal texture and flavour come together, the outcome is an incredibly yummy treat.

How Does A Wood Fire Pizza Oven Work?

Numerous pizza lovers believe a wood-fired oven is the outright finest way to develop the most genuine pizza. Pizza ovens are made with layers of insulation and materials that trap the heat inside.

When you discover how to heat a wood-fired pizza oven, you value that the oven can get very hot. It can take hours to get warmed up, but once it does it can prepare a pizza in simply minutes. In addition, the interior surfaces can stay hot for days.

A pizza oven emits three types of heat. The convection heat from the ambient heat inside the oven and the tiles on the floor of the oven bake the dough.

When you cook with a wood-fired pizza oven, you utilize wood to start the fire and get the heat going. The fire can reach high temperatures that heat up the dome, tiles and floor. You can then push the wood aside, or the wood might be located in the back of the oven.

Next, put a piece or entire round of dough in the front part of the oven, away from the logs, so the radiant and convection heat can prepare it. Keep the fire burning to keep the temperature high, and you can include more logs to feed the fire and increase the temperature level.


Wood-fired pizza is instantly recognizable for it’s bubbly “imperfections” and scrumptious contrast. Due to the nature of quick cooking and high heat you may observe large bubbles throughout the crust and centre of the pizza.

Since the oven is so hot and the pizza cooks so quickly, the bottom of the pie preserves a slightly charred texture, while the top stays soft and chewy. Conversely, conventional ovens only reach around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, needing a longer cooking time that triggers the pizza to become dry and dense.

When you try the wood-fired pizza in Flower Mound from Rustico, you’ll see how these contrasting textures and flavours come together to develop gooey and crispy excellence. All of our wood-fired pizzas are made from dough in-house with locally sourced, natural produce and artisan meats from Texan ranches. Our chefs state it’s something like true love!

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Cooking In A Wood-fired Oven

Since the oven is so hot, cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is quick and toppings will maintain their taste and freshness since they will only require to be in the oven for a very brief period of time. Pizza cooking times are less than 5 minutes which suggests a lot of pizzas can be cooked very qu