Do You Need A Handmade Sitting Buddha?

Do you consider having a handmade sitting buddha? If so, great choice! Go ahead with your purchase from someone who has a vast array of different buddhas available then. 

There is a wide variety that you can choose from in terms of size and material etc. although if possible try and spend some time looking around for just what it is that will suit your needs best. 

Anyway, this article then will come in handy with you considering having a handmade sitting Buddha. The simple answer to your question is Yes! You do need a handmade sitting buddha. The more elaborate answer may be surprising to some, though. 

Buddhas are not only objects of decoration and collection pieces as common people would surely think. They serve a few purposes such as meditation aid, good luck charm and bringer of happiness and joy. 

Handmade sitting buddhas also come with their own set of benefits: you can choose one that suits your budget and preferences best or get it as a very special gift for someone close to your heart. 

sitting buddha beside pillar candles

Most importantly, unlike many other types of spiritual artifacts such as lucky horseshoes, Ganesh figurines or Buddha charms, handmade sitting buddhas are not to be regarded as spirituality-neutral objects. They are very powerful items that can be used for both meditation and decoration purposes.

Meditation Buddhas

The most popular type of Buddha statue is the seated one. It is also known to be “the quietest” pose because it symbolizes complete tranquillity; stillness; perfect silence; composure; patience; acceptance; all-encompassing loving-kindness and infinite wisdom (according to Buddhist teachings). 

When you sit in front of a seated Buddha statue while meditating – either at home or in the local temple – you will feel like your mind is always calm and collected; full of wisdom and love. 

That’s because the pose of a sitting Buddha is believed to “bring forth” these feelings in you. It acts like a mirror that reflects your true nature so that you can discover it within yourself.

Advantages Of Having A Sitting Buddha Statue At Home Or In The Office

Besides meditation purposes, handmade sitting buddhas are also very beneficial for household or office decoration. They bring luck and protection, both of which are always welcome – especially in modern times when the percentage of unhappy people tends to be higher than ever before. 

Buddhas also make fantastic gifts; they can be given to friends who value their spiritual needs more than physical things (thus meaning all human beings). All in all, there is no wonder why so many people are choosing to have a handmade sitting buddha statue for meditation, decoration or personal use.

How To Find The Best-Designed Sitting Buddha Statues For Meditation And Decoration Purposes?

Here is what you need to do if you want to decorate your home with the best-designed Buddhist artifacts: go online and look for one on reputable websites that offer handmade sitting buddhas. 

Many Buddhist collectors choose this type of statue simply because they are suitable places for meditation. Specialized online shops will allow you to find everything you need – whether it’s a handcrafted 5-foot tall sitting buddha made of bronze or jade, a metal sculpture of 1 foot in or a tiny 8-inch wooden figure intended for a secret collection.

Some of the most popular handmade buddhas are:

  • Sitting Buddha in Easy Pose;
  • Seated Buddha with legs crossed;
  • Meditating Gautama Buddha;
  • Sitting Ivory Buddha Statue, and many more.

The choice is yours: you can get a small sitting Buddha or a big one (up to 30 inches tall); an antique piece made of precious metals such as silver and gold or a modern copy made of less expensive materials such as stone, clay and wood. Whichever you choose, it will be sure to add some inner peace to your life!