Home Storage Solution 101

You always need more storage space. But, how can you make sure that your home stays organized? Here are some ideas for solutions to help you stay living in an organized manner.

What You Should Know About Storing Honey | Martha Stewart

1)  Start with Closets and Drawers:

When organizing your drawers or closets, take out everything and sort through it piece by piece. Toss the items that no longer fit, don’t suit your taste anymore, or you’ve already kept them past their prime (like that dress shirt from high school). Now organize like things together- this will not only keep your clothes nicely folded but also cut down on laundry as well as give your eyes a nice break from sorting through piles of clothing when getting dressed.

Whether it is t-shirts in one drawer, tank tops in another, work out clothes in one bin or socks altogether. Once you do this with your closets and drawers you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

2)  Garages/Sheds:

There are some great tips for how to stay organized when it comes to the garage. When organizing your garage always start with removing everything that doesn’t belong there (junk, old equipment etc), then sort through the remaining items making decisions on what stays and what goes.

If you have sentimental attachments to certain items place them aside so they can be dealt with later. For example, everyone needs a milk crate- they’re fantastic at maximizing space! But if your sentimental feelings toward your milk crate outweigh its usefulness, place it off to the side and save it for another day.

3)  Basements:  

Storage is a must in basements. Make sure you have designated areas for certain things- one corner for gardening equipment, another area for extra blankets etc. It’s also a good idea to have baskets on the floor of the basement so when you’re looking for items they can be easily reached without having to pull out 5 boxes or lifting a pile of stuff to find what you need. The last thing everyone needs is an injury when trying to simply put away laundry!

4)  Living Areas:

When it comes to living spaces people often just toss their items in random places which only causes clutter and stress. A great way to keep this area neat is by buying a simple large basket and keeping it in the corner of the room so when people come over they can place their bags or jackets inside the basket instead of all over the floor (which no one enjoys stepping on).

Also, don’t be afraid to declutter! Just because you spent money on something doesn’t mean that it has value anymore. Items such as books need to be placed off to the side ion stacks unless they are your prized possessions- then make sure you have a proper storage system for them and possibly even display them!

5)  Kitchen:

Whether it’s food, appliances, gadgets- chances are everyone could use more organization. First things first, remove everything from your cabinets and drawers, sort through it piece by piece and then organize like items together. Once you have done this place the items back where they belong.

It seems simple but sometimes putting things back can be more of a hassle than taking them out in the first place! Also, make sure to keep specific appliances in their designated spots instead of placing them wherever there is room. This will cut down on time when cooking or baking as well as make clean up much easier when dishes are all cleaned up after a meal.

6)  Junk Drawer:

Everyone has one- that drawer filled with pens, change, random nails etc. Take 5 minutes at the end of your day to take everything out and put it back in its place (i.e. in the garage/toolbox, kitchen utensils etc). It will not only make finding items easy but also cut down on clutter.

7)  Bathroom:

When it comes to the bathroom people tend to put things wherever there is space- which causes items to get lost or forgotten about. The best way to avoid this is by taking out everything (makeup, personal care products, hair tools etc.) and then organizing like items together. Not only will this keep things neat but when it comes time for use you won’t have to search around trying to find your razor or tweezers!

Also, make sure that in your medicine cabinet you buy bins with covers so the medication doesn’t go bad over time (it’s important especially if you have kids that you keep it all in a safe place so they can’t access it). Another item to include is a basket near the shower for your towels and bath puffs, this will allow them to dry out instead of being left on the ground where mould can develop.

8)  Closets:

While closets are often considered storage units- many people leave items piled-up or on hangers which isn’t very helpful. The best way to maximize space is by getting bins/ baskets with covers (to avoid dust, bugs etc.) and placing like items together (i.e socks, t-shirts etc.). Not only will this make finding items easy but also help clothes stay neat and wrinkle-free!

9)   Entryway:

This is often a hassle for most people when it comes time to put away jackets, keys etc. when entering their home. A great way to solve this problem is by buying a wicker basket and placing it in the entryway, then instead of taking off your jacket have everyone place them in the basket so you can quickly hang them up later when going to bed or leaving the house again. Also, don’t forget about your shoes! Shoe storage units are simple ways to keep your floor clean as well as store more items inside of an otherwise small space.

10)  Kids’ Rooms:

If you have kids chances are they have a ton of toys-not only does this make for lots of fun but also takes up a lot of space. To save as much room as possible you can buy bins with covers so kids aren’t losing toys all over the place, not only will this make clean up easy but it will also cut back on clutter! You can also purchase cute baskets to store stuffed animals in if your children are older- this will give the room a more modern feel while making sure that their favourite item stays neat and organized.

As you can see there is no need to struggle when trying to find everyday items or put away laundry etc., by organizing like items together you will save yourself time, money and help keep your home beautiful. Follow these tips for fast results which you can enjoy each day!